Monday, January 24, 2011

Gossip Girlscout

This outfit is where Girlscout meets Gossip Girl. I have never actually watched Gossip Girl but I've seen some pictures of the girls and also my friends repeatedly told me I looked like I walked out of the show today. I took my adorable little girlscout cardigan from anthro (xmas present) and paired it with some knee high socks, high heeled black booties and a sophisticated skirt. I hope you are as infatuated with it as I am!

This, my dearest loves, is my brand new Betsey Johnson ring that I got on sale and in my size!  Love: metallic gold that looks antique, rhinestones that aren't over the top and the bows. I love bows: see more bow love here

It only took me forever to find knee high socks, but they were so worth it. In my opinion they completed the outfit. In the skirt I loved the contrast of the light grey to the dark shoes and top and the ruffles that added texture. The cardigan-oh the cardigan-my mom initially refused to let me even take it off the rack but I swore to her that it would not make me look like I was five and it worked out.  It's super comfy and I've lately loved 3/4 sleeves (see this post for another example), and I also love the cute detailing with the lace collar and red accents to spruce it up without a fourth of july feel. Bonus: It has snaps instead of buttons so its much faster to get on and off.
Happy Monday too all!

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  1. Love the combo, definitely very gossip girl-esque (and you really should watch the show by the way, great fashion ^^) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, come back any time!

    <3 Alison