Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 things (but really 6)

 This is much delayed with all the camera misplacement and hectic homework schedules, but here are my five things from the last week or so:
Dogsitting these two lovely puppies. They're super friendly and love cuddling. Besides, who wouldn't want to get paid for playing with dogs and watching tv all weekend?

Sadie and Max
A warm cup of hot cocoa during our recent snow stoms. Only a few inches but more than we received in the last four months!
Marshmellows make all the difference
 Seeing country strong after a yummy Panera dinner with my young life leader Kara! The movie is a little depressing but the music was great and Gwyneth Paltrow was excellent. Not to mention how much I enjoyed spending time with one of my favorite people after not seeing her for a month.

 Building a giant dominoes course with my little sister. She got hundreds of them for Xmas and we've been making good use of them!
Of course, my hair appointment makes the list! I absolutley love getting pampered at the hair salon, where the go all out giving you sodas and magazines and temple massages while washing your hair. I get a few minor highlights like usual and my stylist, Connie is always nice enough to take the time to blow out or straighten my hair. I chose to straighten it and she did a great job as usual.
{Connie Diaz from Fringe Hair Salon}

6. I do enjoy people-particularly country singers.
Hope everyone is having a lovely three day weekend! Gotta love Mr Martin Luther King Jr for giving us a break from Monday classes.

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