Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olivya's Prom

My friend Olivya enjoyed this design posted earlier this month and asked if I would come up with something for her. I gladly agreed and she told me to come up with a floor length prom dress and this is what I found on my paper after a few hours of sketching and coloring.
It is jade green with a darker green sash. The skirt has ultra thin chains, like the really delicate ones on nice necklaces, draped on it and overlapping. It's a dropped waist and laces up in the back. The top also has gold chain draping and they all connect to a gold pendant on the front which is a gold greek coin. The neckline is a sweetheart with a little bit of gold chain draping as well. I thought it would look nice with an unstructured side bun.
The End.
Happy Tuesday

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