Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 things (but really 6)

This week was another hectic one both in terms of school and after school activities, but it was filled with many wonderful things, people and events.
1. I finished my National History Day project! Those of you who have not been put through this torture mechanism, it is a gigantic essay about history. It took forever. Like three months forever. And is worth half my history grade. And I am done!
 2. Hours spent in the card store with my mom laughing at these hilarious little jokes. We bought in somewhere around $30 worth of cards. They were just so hilarious we had to buy them!
 3. The tapestry my sister let me use, as it was originally hers but ended up in the basement. It's like my blue one (you can see it above my computer) and I like to drape it across my mirror to create a sort of sanctuary to study, design and be creative.
 4. My fashion binder. Originally bought for history-but quickly turned into something not at all academic, like most of my journals-it now holds my sketches, final drafts and other inspirational pieces. My mom has also now been supporting the fashion idea and looking into colleges with fashion majors.
 5. Walmart adventures and bracelets! Because studying for math tests is no fun, we took a detour to Walmart where we found bracelets with phrases including: Unfriended, Adored (the one I got), Put a ring on it (the one my friend got) and I <3 not you (the one my other friend got). Besides, who doesn't love running around Walmart?
6. I like people such as my dear friends who go on Walmart adventures with me.
Happy Wednesday again!

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