Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Things (but really Six)

This week has been...a lot. Three extremely important papers due and not very much sleep. However there were many wonderful little instances that brightened my days and here they are:
1. Snow! I cannot adequately express my obscene infatuation with snow. And this was not just any snow, it was the snow that draws me to the window and is painful to look away from. The flakes were large fluffy, and it was just windy enough that the flakes swirl round and round, drifting to and fro, reflecting all the light that seems improbable to be there with all the clouds. Even better it was just warm enough to venture outside, if only for a moment to take a picture. It left that anticipation of trying not to wish so hard for a snow day that you're sorely dissapointed, but unable to dim that little flicker that maybe, just maybe, you will get to sleep in, admiring the wintery scenery late into the morning with a mug of hot cocoa and your favorite beat up copy of Gone with the Wind.
2. My brand new journal. For quite some time I have been meaning to purchase a new journal, and I finally  made it to Borders and began browsing the journal selection. I am quite particular about my journals. Everything has to be exactly the way I like it; a difficult find. The silver designs and shiny cover attracted me instantly, because it reminded me of a new start, like this year. It included all my necessary amenities: page marker, leather bound cover, thin lines, and enough pages to last me more than two weeks. Though a more costly than usual, (it was made in Italy) it was well worth  it and is being put to good use.
3. My friend's mother found this book and while seemingly pessimistic and deppressing, it is absolutely hilarious, resulting in the three of us (me, friend, friends mom) to fall over laughing each time we turned the page. My favorite: I hate clotheslines. I hate that you can't see them in the dark. I hate outdoor motion lights. 

 4. To my great relief I finally found a new tennis coach (as my previous one first got hip surgery in December and then left for Chile for a year once he finally healed). While initially extremely concerned that after a month without playing, I would be back at square one and have no hope of improving before tennis team tryouts, my qualms were relieved. I have gained back all my previous ability and, dare I say, possibly improved? I am very pleased and now stylish while playing as I gained a brand new tennis wardrobe.
Age 3: my first tennis lesson with daddy. Even then I liked to strike a pose.
5. Monday morning, blessed with the absence of school thanks to Mr King Jr, some friends, our young life leaders and I met for brunch at Ihop. Of course for this event, I dressed up in my sweater dress, revelling in an opportunity to have fun playing around with my new clothes. Clothes are to me as a new toy is to a four year old.

6. People are pretty great-like the ones who go to IHOP with you. Those are the keepers.
The week is half over! Happy Wednesday all!

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