Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday Best

This dress was designed for my friend and for occasions such as Church or other less casual-but not overly formal-occasions, like afternoon tea. It's a turqoise color with certain parts of white lace overlay-the crocheted lace. Sorry, my printer has been acting funny which is why I haven't printed fabric samples lately. It prints the fabric perriwinkle blue regardless of what color I am asking it to print, such as turqoise. Stupid printer.
As noted, the sleeves would be all white lace-but not an itchy lace, a crocheted soft lace, but still thin-and the waistband would be lace overlaying the turqoise blue underneath, and then the two sections of lace on the skirt would do the same; have turqoise fabric underneath. The fabric would be double georgette. The dress cuts off right above or at the knee (depending on your height) and. There is also some lace peeking out from the neckline (scoop).
Styling recomendations: hair down and in loose curls with an optional headband. Ballet flats in white, and little makeup.
Happy Wednesday! The week is half over!

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  1. This is very pretty, kind of medieval or renaissance. xx Sprinkles in Springs