Monday, April 18, 2011

Accidental Experimental Awesome

While I know I recently showcased this skirt, I loved wearing it with my tie dye tank and high pony tail for that high fashion appeal. The shirt is super loose and comfortable and airy which was a nice contrast to the thicker fabrics of the skirt-though the skirt is ultra comfy. It kinda felt like a makeshift 60's dress.

Skirt: UO, Top: XXI, Heart Necklace: XXI, Short necklace: Boutique in GA, Shoes: Jessica Simpson

 I also enjoyed the pairing of the necklaces--both silver--together. I plan on finding some more necklaces to mix and well as some BANGLES.

So...I lied about the birds. Because I've been getting pretty little sleep to be honest, which resulted in me totally oversleeping this an hour and a half. Yeah. It was bad. So I didn't have time to pull together the outfit I had planned to wear. But sometimes my more experimental or accidental outfits turn out to be my favorites.
Keep it classy!


  1. your shoes are really cute! Jessica Simpson makes some lovely yet affordable shoes don't you agree? Great makeshift dress!

  2. I like your pictures!