Thursday, April 21, 2011

Westward Bound

As I previously mentioned in an earlier post, my mom jumped on the band wagon and agreed that she would look into fashion programs for me this summer. After an immense amount of searching and a good bout of luck, we found the perfect fit.
Yes, indeed we have decided on the pre-college fashion program offered at Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Every part of it worked out beautifully and I'm all signed up to attend from June 26 - August 5 in the four classes of Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Construction.
Furthermore, the school is conveniantly located just a bus ride away from my cousin Talia's house and I will be living with her, much to my delight. We're good friends and I'm excited to spend the summer learning about fashion and hanging out with her! Another great benefit is we're only a train ride away from more family and friends in San Jose who we can stay with on weekends to escape the dreary July weather so common to San Francisco.
I'm very excited about the opportunity and I'm counting down the days.
This ad from Planet Blue describes perfectly what my thought process has been. Packing is one of my bigger concerns (six weeks is a long time) and also the fact that I may end up having a bag solely for my shoes and accessories. Well, we will see. Downsizing will be a necesity.
Besides-that leaves more room to bring home the wonderful fashions I can find scavenging in San Francisco!

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