Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good bye, farewell-be back soon!

Hello lovies-sadly what with violin recitals, SAT Subject Tests and the packing frenzy betwixt vacations, I wasn't able to get some new ensemble shots-though you should be very excited for when I do! In a couple hours I will leave for Michigan, and will not only be computer deprived, but also cell phone deprived! Scary, I know. Anyways, that means for one week I will not be able to post...again. I'm sorry and I swear on my dog's life that as soon as I get back I will be SO much better about it! But don't worry! You will indeed have something to read! My dear friend who went to Boca with me, Alie, and I started another joint blog called Cross Country Couture to keep everyone updated on the ups, the downs, and the fashionable of our adventurous summers, with these two initial trips and then we split across the country: Me to San Francisco and she to New York, both for pre college programs. To read more about it and get more details on our fabulous time in Florida click the following link:
Cross Country Couture
Come on, click it, you know you want to:)

Leah and Alie
Anyways I will be back soon and updating both blogs so I hope all you lovies have a great week and I can't wait to hear from you soon!



  1. That's a shame, good luck with your SAT'S this is such a beautiful blog!
    Follow and comment I'll follow back?

  2. GOOD LUCK! I know how SAT testing is. Stay safe on your travels! I'm going to San Francisco this year too :) Have fun as well!

    Missing Amsie Blog