Monday, July 4, 2011

Mocha Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Just read the title, it sounds scrumptious, I know. My cousin Talia and I are no cooks, that is to be noted, but when motivated enough in our craving for chocolate, we get work done. The recipe we used was from the Hershey's Cook Book, which has a variety of delicious treats in it.
 1. Heating up the cream
 2. Add the first few of many chocolate chips
 3. While waiting thirty seconds for the cream to cool down, do a count down, full incoorporated with dance moves and off key singing.
 4. Mix up the chocolatey goodness and try really, REALLY hard not to eat it right then and there.
 5. Mix up butter, cream and sugar. Then realize  you put in too much butter and fix every single other porportion.
 6. Make a very large mess.

 7. Beat the egg whites, and learn that eggs can be fluffy and bubbly, a fact that still surprises you.
 8. Mmmm yummy, put in two different cake batters, the rich dark chocolate one in the center.

8. Drizzle melted excess chocolate mixture and sprinkle powdered sugar. Then Enjoy!
As you can see, a relatively easy recipe, though many steps are involved and it is not a good choice for those who lack strong will when around large amounts of chocolate.
Hope everyone is having a happy fourth! Pictures to come!


  1. mmm the cake looks delicious! :) xo

  2. looks like the baking session was a success!! great job. i've been wanting to try a molten cake for a while now :)