Thursday, December 30, 2010

5 things (but really 6)

In the hectic atmosphere of the week, my five things list is a little late. Here we go:
1. It is snowing! Finally, for the first time this year, we're getting a really good snow. It's been snowing all day and I love it. Plus that means lots of powder in the mountains.

2. In a few hours I will be heading up to Breckenridge ski resort where my and two other families have rented a huge house and will be spending the weekend up there. Helmets for safety!

3. After approximately two weeks of strictly keeping myself from picking at or cutting my nails, they have finally grown out. This is the longest theyve been since I was about five.

4. While in Santa Barbara a few days ago, there happened to be a Juicy Couture Store, and of course, I could not resist going in and checking out the merchandise. Well just my luck that a bracelet I've been eyeing for months is not only on sale, but they're having a special of 50% off of all sale items. So this bracelet, originally around $100 is all mine for only $35!

5. All my new Anthro clothes! Like I talked about here I went shopping with my mom a couple weeks ago and picked out what I wanted. So excited to wear these. (Will post about these soon) Here's a sneak peak:

 6. I do not hate people, they're quite alright!

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