Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank God for Elf

I hate finals. I really really truly despise them. I do fairly well in school, especially considering I'm in all advanced classes, but the problem is my strategy: Pay attention maybe every other day in class, but mostly just sit there, space out and doodle, and then cram the night before a test and perform what I like to call test bulimia. I suck in all the knowledge, then puke it on the test and have it no more. Which works fine for the majority of the year, but then I get the fun job of re-learning an entire semester. I'm starting to rethink my test bulimia strategy....thankfully, in the midst of a miserable weekend of studying and stressing and feeling anything but Christmas cheer, my Young Life leaders threw a little get together for all their Young Life girls, saving me from my hundreds of notecards and piles of textbooks.
There were about 13 of us (some left before the group picture).
It was sorta like a little camp reunion and we watched the movie Elf.
I'd never seen it before but it most definitely lived
up to my expectations. (Also fueled my current obsession with Zooey Deschanel)

photo credit: Jessica Merheb
We decorated cookies! (GINGER COOKIE in the middle)

photo credit: Jessica Merheb
We had a white elephant gift exchange. I brought a jar of pickles, Jessie opened them. "Well it's not a jar of pickles...."
photo credit: Jessica Merheb
 The socks Jessie brought, and yes they have pink hair and are eating your feet.

photo credit: Jessica Merheb
 Carlee even decorated cups for us with our names and some christmas doodle! (Mine were stars)
photo credit: Jessica Merheb
 Beloved Leader #1: Kara Vosburgh, with a giant xmas bow on her head. DELTA
 Beloved Leader #2: Carlee Ann Easton, who has on a delightful sweater (dolphins with santa hats surrounded by starfish) and a penguin mug.

You can't hang out with Kara without at least one DELTA picture. TRIDELT <3

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  1. wow. it was really happy mind to share to all. than you so much