Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mani Pedi (DELTA)

I rarely make the effort of going to the salon for nails, as mine are stubby, short and disgraceful (partially because I'm not allowed to grow them out since I play violin, partially because I can't help but pick at them) and I am fully convinced all nail technicians hate me because of this. So for the last few years, my only manicures or pedicures have been the result of friend's parties (such as my severely chipped one best seen in You Know it's Winter When..). However, when my Young Life leader Kara offered, I simply couldn't resist, and so we went during my very long lunch break. (My school has a wierd schedule). It was fun and nice to relax in the middle of a stressfull day with one of my very favorite people. Only downside was that with my minimal experience with mani pedi's, I had no idea it would cost $50. Good thing to know for next time!

Amazingly, I have yet to chip the nail polish (a truly incredible feat)
or cut/pick at my nails

photo credit: asian lady who does nails

(Kara is a tridelt)
Outside Kara' s Sorrority house where I meet her

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