Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain Rain go away

I'm here in California and the weather could not be more dreary. It is pouring and never stops for more than thirty seconds before starting up again full force.
My cousins and I were planning on going for a run to work off the immense amount of Polish food we are stuffed with by our Babcia (grandma) but clearly that's not happening. Hopefully there is a let up or I'm gaining back all that weight my Babcia claims I have lost.

Funny things said by grandparents to keep us going:

Babcia: Oh no I lost my earring...Now I only have one in and people will think I am gay. I am not gay I promise!

DziaDzio: I'll have some wine, but careful, I can't get drunk!

Babcia: What is it they say at the airport these days, Don't touch my junk? What is that nonsense?

DziaDizio: What is that hole in your jeans Leah? Do you want me to mend it for you?
Babcia: No DziaDzio, that's "fashion" these days, though in Warsaw it'd be "poor."

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