Monday, December 20, 2010

Ce Fiore and Bon Voyage

My cousin has been in town the last few days, and we've had so much fun together. We've hit the mall, and scored some wonderful sale items (will post later), watched some good movies on demand, worked off the immense amount of sugar we've consumed, and today we toured Boulder on Pearl Street. Tomorrow we fly to LA to meet the rest of our family for Christmas and say goodbye to Boulder for a week.

I'm the younger (and taller one). Cousin wasn't too happy that I wore heels
to maximize my height advantage.

Burritos from Boulder: Illegal Pete's
 For lunch I took her to a popular local place-Illegal Pete's. She approved of the food.
yum yum yum
we couldn't finish-the burritos are giant!

the remnants of a delicious cupcake
 Next for a little dessert (after walking off our large lunch) we stopped at Tea & Cakes, a delightful little cupcake shop and cafe, well known for their Bacon Cupcake. We stuck with the red velvet and peppermint though, which we demolished quicly.
 Finally we stopped at the frozen yogurt shop, one of my favorite places, Ce Fiore and got a yogurt to share with strawberries, raspberries and gummy bears. Scrumptious!
Tomorrow we'll take off for California, though don't be fooled, it will not be warmed. Last week forecasts were high 80's, even low 90's, and excited was I, as usually it's rainy and low sixties in LA for Christmas, and a prospect of shorts and swimsuits was oh so tantalizing. However, it has resumed to it's usual self with weather in the low sixties and high fifties with plenty of rain and thunderstorms. Not too different from Boulder. But I am excited for the family, food and cheer that comes along with my annual visit. California here I come!

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