Sunday, December 5, 2010

500 Days of Olivya

If you've ever watched the movie 500 Days of Summer, take a look at her very fabulous and eclectic apartment shown throughout the movie. My dear friend Olivya recently moved and got to totally redesign her room, and she used the apartment from the movie as an inspiration. Must I say, her room turned out fabulously. Not as wild and out there, but so chic, classy and overall amazing. (Note: loveddd Summer's wardrobe in the movie, but not as into the actual plot. A little sad for my taste.)
love her bed, adorable comforter with buttons, and also very cozy

Her cute (but often ill behaved) cat Dax, who I always play with,
only to remember I am allergic once my sneezing fits start

centerpiece pillows that go with the wallpaper

Her window seat with beautiful blue curtains (also LOVE the curtain holders)
and classy picture of Audrey Hepburn, which will be hung sometime in
the near future

basic brown desk with beautiful wallpaper/paint
(I like that her room isn't overdone. It has basic pieces with
great accents, just like fashion should have)
Sadly I forgot to get a picture of her chandelier, very very classy, I wish I had one.

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