Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 Things (but really 6)

My Young Life leader, Kara, absolutely hates when I am negative, particularly this little phrase: I hate people. My friends and I use it all the time, mainly jokingly, occasionally with certain persons in mind, but it absolutely drives her crazy. So in order to break me of this habbit she initially tried charging me a quarter everytime I said it. I owe her something like 50 dollars now but it certainly didn't break me, and she also had no way of enforcing me to pay. (Doesn't look good when college students look like they're trying to steal money from their high school kids.) So she came up with a new way, making me list five things I love about my life, every single week, followed by a number six, with some type of statement indicating, I do not in fact hate people. So since I am way too busy with finals to post a real post (and let's be honest, no one is fashionable finals week, not even myself and blogging about sweats every day is not very intrigueing) I figure I can post this for now.
Kara's List: 12/14/10
1. My dear cousin, Talia, will be flying in from California in three days. I am extremely excited.
talia and I as babies (she's the older one)
this was my first Christmas
Best friends from the start
2. I will be in LA in one week! (I go every year. I go to California a minimum of twice a year. It's like a second home.)
Me and the family at the tidepool beach in LA
3. The present I got Kara, is insanely awesome. It has been quite challenging not to tell her. (Will post about this later, but for now no hints just in case she sees this before I give it to her tomorrow.)
4. I found an old journal entry from when I was ten, depicting my Christmas. I used terms like "I am rather tired" and "I HIGHLY doubt it." Very nostalgic.
A picture of me at the age I wrote the letter
also with my two sisters
5. When Talia gets here my mom is letting us go shopping at Anthropologie for our Christmas gifts. SO excited.

 Here are some ideas cousin!

6. (Kara's favorite) I do not hate people, in fact some of them are quite enjoyable.

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