Monday, December 6, 2010

Updo It Right

I personally always feel slightly defeated whenever I wake up in the morning and either a) have overslept and dont have time to do my hair, or b) no matter what I try to do to my hair, it isn't working and both of these situations result in a ponytail. Before this whole Snooki poof phenomonon I would occasionally do a little baby-poof with my bangs, but now that I am always reminded of the orange reality star, I have refrained. However, I knew I had to think of something classy or intricate to add a little extra something to my ponytail, to hide the fact that I had only thirty minutes to get ready that morning and make it more than some regular old overdone updo. So this weekend I experimented with frenchbraid pony tails and loved it. I simply frenchbraided one side of my hair (you can leave bangs in or out depending on their length) and then pulled it up into a pony tail. No longer boring, TA-DA! (This also feuled my current obsession with different ways I can style my hair with the use of braids)



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