Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home from the Holidays

Last night after a delayed flight and a week in the LA area I arrived back home, much to my relief. I love California, I love my family and I love Christmas but after a hectic week it was very nice to be home. While greatly enjoying sleeping in my own bed and being restored to my technological dependency, I wouldn't miss out on my annual trip to SoCal for the world. Here is a recap in pictures:

taking family portraits on sculptures that we are not supposed
to climb. rebel family's Xmas card

half my dad's side eating xmas feast
we're your typical giant Polish family...except not at all

little sis and uncle making caramelized chocolate bread pudding

beach UCSB

best friends<3
I love my cousin

visited my mom's old sorrority house at her old college-UCSB

half of mom's side

Cioth family 2010

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