Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baudelaire Braids

I had one of the most wonderful finals last week. I know, how could I put wonderful and final in the same sentence? Well, for the last section of my history final, we watched Lemony Snicket-A Series of Unfortunate Events and related it to history. For example, there are good people and bad people, and endings aren't always tidy and perfect. Anyways, not the point. While also scanning for history themes, I couldn't help but adore Violet Baudelaire's hair and wardrobe. I know, that seems odd, as her style is gothic and dark, while I prefer a more classic and colorful palette. Not to mention that most would refer to her hair as a mess of braids and bangs. However, I actually found elements in both that I simply cannot wait to make my own.
Definitely not referring to her dirty apron here, but for some reason I
can't stop loving her braids.
 Only some pieces are in braids, the others down in a messy style, but I want to try and do something like this with my hair. Definitely fueling my obsession with braids as of late.
love her dress
 Though I surely am not interested in trying fish net sleeves, I do like the skirt of her dress, quite a lot. Though dark and gothic, it has a vintage element to it and...almost a high fashion component in that it's not perfectly assembled, but so....perfect. This may sound wierd but what if you took her dress, shortened it to just above the knees with more tulle underneath it, black tulle, peaking out, and removed the fish net sleeves, replaced them with black lace sleeves, then cinched the waist tighter and made the neckline square and plunged it with some more black lace on the edges. Add with really high black platform heels, or perhaps black booties like this:
Badgley Mischka 'Olaf' Bootie
Ironically this boot is named the Olaf Bootie, and Olaf is the name of the villain in the series. Anyways that's just the feel I was thinking from her dress if that makes any sense at all.
Her coat her coat her coat!
 I adore everything about Violet's coat. It's classic, I can't get enough of the slight puff to the sleeves and buttons, and the cinching at the waist is divine. I also love cloak Sunny (the baby) is wearing. It's too adorable and pulls it off without feeling too little-red-riding-hood-esque.
another shot of those intruiging braids
Once again, love her braids, especially when she ties her ribbon through them, and also love her necklace. The idea of incorporating velvet in jewelry has been of great interest to me lately.

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