Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Spirit

Every year Thanksgiving comes around and I adore it. It's the perfect pre-Christmas warm up to get everyone in that cozy spirit that accompanies December, by drawing families closer, adding on a couple pounds of pie and turkey, and letting everyone get out those comfy sweaters. However, of course, the primary aspect of the holiday, and the piece that I believe really gets everyone in a jolly spirit, is being thankful for things big and small. Everyone remembers the good, the pleasant, the miracles, and the daily things that get lost in the hubbub of life, only to be gratified on the third Thursday of November each year.  Here is my list for 2010:

I have two amazing, devoted, caring and beautiful Young Life leaders, who never fail to brighten my life in unimaginable ways

I got to drive a total of two hours in the past couple days (and no crashes, which im sure would be on my parents list) and also parked the car succesfully for the first time.

We had a scrumptious thanksgiving meal with family and friends, including six different types of pie

I found jeans that are actually comfortable, a feat rarely accomplished

Carlee, (one of my YL leaders) sent all the girls she leads, myself included, the sweetest message today, which brought a big smile to my face, and also wrote a post on her blog addressing exactly what was on my heart.

Yesterday my ten year old sister made me and my family the delightful but simple entree of grilled cheese and tomato soup, after a frigid day of skiing.

I found enough books to do the research for my National History Day Project (which I'd been severely struggling with until I sought out the help of a very friendly librarian)

The condo we're staying in left us the cutest little s'mores kit and roasting sticks for us while we were out

My mom splurged immensely and bought us buttermilk, instead of whole wheat, pancake mix. That is truly a miracle.

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