Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anthro Obsession pt 2 Classic Simplicity

Blouses and Cardigans

Chilled Ripples Shell Top
I adore this classy neckline
that adds a touch of sophistication
without over doing it and staying
true to the trend of simplicity

Naturally Sweet Sweater
I love all the eye catching
prints and fitted sillhouete
It's modern and fashionable

Steamed Cappuccino Cardi
Doesn't the name already
make you want to buy it?
It has a touch of the ever
so popular lace common as well
as sticking to the latest colors
of this season

Gust of Grey Blouse
This airy and light sheer blouse
was very common on my trip
and is refresshing and fun
also sticking to this seasons
trend of grey

Hindsight Cardigan
This cardigan is basic, but
classic (very in) and also
a beautiful rich color
not to mention it will def
keep you warm

chinoiserie blouse
I love the army style
buttons on the front taht
have been popping up every
where and the pale purple
taht has also been very in style

Cotton Candy Cardi
I love the embellishments
Precious Poppy Cardigan
this is so feminine and pretty

Craft and Creation Top 29.95
Usually I hate draped necklines
but this one is so elegant and
Mottisfont top
I like the side pin, adds a slimming
effect and is sweet and simple

Its super flattering and way cute
If I had a job this is what id wear

River tyne tee 19.95
The big steal! less than 20
dollars ladies and gents
not to mention the army style
which is very in style currently



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