Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ravishing Red

Tonight is the Fairview v Boulder rivalry playoff soccer game. Whoever wins, goes to state, and that in addition to Boulder being our rival and them beating us last game, means Fairview better win. Fingers crossed! So of course, I'll be decked out in one of these two outfits. (Both are from Forever XXI) I actually purchased them a month ago right before our homecoming game, whihc was  a red out. However, I had no red, and so made a dash to the mall and snagged these cute classy items. Nows another chance to show off spirit with style and I'm super excited to go! I actually love love love going to games, be it baseball, soccer or football. I think the enthusiasm in the air is so exhilirating and you get to see all your friends there. However, my attendance is limited as I cannot drive myself and my school is twenty minutes away from my house. (10 months and counting till I finally get my license!)

Note: Super comfy, very flattering, but also very low. Safety pins were needed to alter the straps,
but it may just be that I'm sorta tiny and short, which probs plays a factor haha

My ten year old sister was my photographer for this post and Hittin the Slopes

Note: It looks unusually dark in this one, the next photo is more accurate color wise.

Super comfy and slouchy, and I love the fake flowers on the shoulder.
Note: I liked how it looked with only one button rather than the two buttons in the previous picture

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