Sunday, November 7, 2010

Irish Feis (Fesh fice face?)

This Sunday I got the treat of watching two of my friends dance at their Irish dance Feis. (It's pronounced Fesh by the way) My young life leader Carlee took me and though it was all the way in Loveland (an hour's drive) and early in the morning (requiring a Starbucks run) we made it and were even on time! (Very uncommon for us.) It was really cool and amazing how much endurance and stamina these kids have! But of course, Carlee and I were most fascinated by the sparkly and intricate dresses the girls wore, as well as their very bouncy wigs! It was a really fun time and cool to see the culture of this unique dance.
Alexis in photo shoot

Alexis placed third today!

Brynn in her dress

Brynn placed first! (previous competition, i havent heard how she did today yet)

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