Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anthro Obesession pt 1 Frills and Flair

On a recent outing with my dear friends, we decided to make what we insisted would be a "quick" stop in Anthropologie, which obviously is very unrealistic because to be honest there is not a single item in that entire store I wouldn't take home with me...if only I had a ridiculous amount of cash in my pocket.
My friends and I all mutually agreed that they're abundance of high waisted skirts were to die for, and also loved their sweaters and blouse collections. And, of course, their aprons are adorable.
As I couldn't make up my mind when it came to narrowing down to only the pieces I adored, and ended up withfar too many for one post so I'm doing this in two parts, the first being skirts and aprons.

 Adorable Aprons
1: 3d Toile half apron. $28 I personally love half aprons, they're feminine and classy
2: Bakers delight apron $32. It's so sweet!(ha funny joke right?) and makes baking far more fun
3: Trousseau apron $38. This is what I call sophisticated and frilly and if it were a dress rather than apron, i'd still want it.

 Sophisticated Skirts
Field Skirt $78
SO versatile and can
go with anything

Courtier Skirt $258
Love the ruffles and

Glowing Leaf Skirt $98
So cute and colorful
Ooh-La-La Lace Skirt
$98 A little more dressy and

Clock skirt $49.99
{on sale!} so modern and
Flowing Cables Sweater
Skirt $98
Warm, comfortable and cute,
and goes with everythin

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