Friday, November 12, 2010

CMA's 2010- Eight Elegant Ensembles

I personally love the CMA's. I love country, I love the performances, I love finding out about new artists I hadn't heard of and I love the fashion. This year the thing that stuck out to me by far was Carrie Underwoods many many many wardrobe changes. Not two or three, but eight. I felt over all they were a huge step up from some of her more... interesting selections the previous year.

Look #1
Personally, this wasn't my favorite. I felt that one ruffle should be subtracted.
Either the top ruffleto make an elegant even dress, or the bottom to make it a short adn fun (almost ballerina/tutu) style dress

Look #2
I thought that this little number was chic, a little sexy and overall a success
Though some people criticized the ruffle on the front of the dress, I think
it catches your eye with its pop-out texture and also make the dress unique, instead
of your average sequin mini dress.

Look #3
This was what she performed in and while I have nothing bad to say
I don't think it was a stunner or something to remember. It is very similar to Look #2 but
it's still a good outfit, just a little average.

Look #4
I LOVE this dress. It's feminine, classy, adorable and I've lately
been obsessed with rosettes. This was by far one of my favorites.

Look #5
This yellow frock is flattering and a big step up from
the yellow floorlength gown she wore last year at the
CMA's. I like the pattern and waistline, however, this
wasn't one of my absolute favorites to be honest, however
I also don't usually like the collor yellow.

Look #6
Favorite of the night! While some said it was overdone, I thought it was perfect.
Not as big or...billowing as her red ball gown last year, and it's sparkles on bottom
are so beautiful. The shoulder accent is gorgeous and I just over all love it.
Look #7
Not gonna lie, after her amazing plum gown, this was a huge letdown.
A lot of people have admired the origami style, which I agree can be cute
but I feel it's over done and the color reminds me of Tiramisu. Not that great,
but of course, Carrie pulls it off pretty well.

Look #8
My other favorite and the show's closer dress. While
certain critics despised the poofy skirt, I adored the tulle
ballerina style and thought the detail on the corset was just
so perfect.  (I just wish she'd worn a bright red shoe, to match the roses
on corset rather than the bland pumps she chose)
I also loved these two dazzling  blue dresses on Kimberly Williams (Brad Paisley's wife) and Katherine Heigl

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