Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Well, if y'all didn't know, it's Thanksgiving. Before I go spend some time with my crazy whacky family and grandparents, I wanted to make a list of a few things I have to be thankful for, though in reality there is more than I could possibly list.
 I am thankful for my two wonderful cousins who took me into their home so I could have the most amazing summer of my life attending fashion school in San Francisco. I know that not everyone gets a close bond with their cousins like I have, and I am grateful to say my cousins are my best friends. San Francisco was inspiring and life changing and gratitude isn't an adequate word to express my feelings at being able to experience it.
 I am thankful for the Bernard family, who take me in like I'm one of their own (I certainly look like it-I'm the one on the far right by the way) and are so kind and gracious to me. I am thankful to have a loving group of blondes to hang with and grateful for the vacations as well as the moral support they provide. I am especially thankful for my very best friend, Alie.
 I am thankful for friends who stay in contact and love each other and have a good time even when separated by thousands of miles. This is one of many oovoos we had, which would sometimes get to five or six people at a time oovooing from Canada to San Francisco to New York to Colorado.
 I am grateful for adventure! I'm thankful for all the new experiences I've had this year, such as indoor skydiving, and for the courage to try them all.
 I am thankful for my precious dog-even when she isn't as well groomed as she is in this picture.
 I am grateful for these two gingers, a) for wearing the ginger shirts Alie and I bought them and b) for being teachers, friends, leaders and big sisters to us. They take such good care of us and are so loving and kind. They do more than anyone else for a group of high schoolers and are my heroes. I am so thankful to have role models like them.
 I am thankful for my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime and "my person" Alie. (If you didn't get the Grey's anatomy reference-I'm her Grey, she's my Christina.) She helps me through thick and thin, never fails to make me laugh, helps me go past my comfort zone and always has my back even at ungodly hours of the night.
I'm thankful for these two noobs who are my Crossing friends, and thankful for how much they have helped me explore my faith and dig deeper with Jesus.
I'm thankful for my two precious sisters and for their spunk, laughter and companionship.
For things not pictured I am thankful for my brother, parents, and all the people who support me day in and day out. I am thankful for fashion, and for the creative outlet it provides me. I am thankful for being nearly half way through junior year, which really is as hard as everyone says. I'm grateful for country music, and for my blue jeep liberty.
Hope everyone's having a blessed Thanksgiving!
May the Prada be with you

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