Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sorry for Sucking

Hi! SO. I am fully aware of the fact that I haven't blogged in....God knows how long. I have been swamped by my Junior year of high school and between six IB classes, violin, tutoring kids, and young life haven't had a spare moment. But I am making the effort and once I figure out a time to regularly take photos I plan on getting everything back up and running.
But my latest fashion obsession has been realized by my obsessive use of pinterest.com (seriously check it out, it's addicting) and that is following my theme this year of androgynous dressing. That means mixing opposites, a guy plaid shirt with skinny jeans and heels, a dress with tough boots, or in my latest delight, denim oversized shirts with ultra girly skirts.
clothes by J. Crew
source: www.lovelyish.com

source: modelcentric.tumblr.com
(I looked but couldn't find the original ad)
What I love about these looks is that they are so cute and feminine and flattering without going your typical sundress or skirt + cardigan way. They allow girls to be chic and girly at the same time. The rough denim shirt also allows for a really dramatic skirt, because with anything else the skirt would be overdone. (boy clothes=getting to wear ultra girl clothes...funny how that works.)
Basically, I'm still searching for a floor length, crazy, beautiful skirt, so let me know if you find one, and am also stocking up on cute denim/plaid shirts for this winter season. Also loving for this season: oversized loose knit comfy sweaters, minimalist chic tanks that will layer perfectly with blazers, and tailored long sleeved shirts with ruffles.
More to come, and sorry for sucking these last months!
p.s. blog is officially one year old. wahoo!
May the Prada be with you

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